About Us

Turning Around Ministries (TAM) is a non-profit faith-based organization located in the Broadway area of Newport that has been providing community-based services to under-served or at-risk persons since 2005. In December of 2008, the TAM Day Center Service opened. The TAM Day Center is a place where people can go Monday through Friday to procure extensive emergency and/or on-going services, including but not limited to housing, job training, food, and clothing. The Day Center also serves as a place where people can come to drink coffee, play cards or board games, watch television, or read books as an alternative to wandering the streets. Although our target populations are the homeless and formerly incarcerated persons, our services extend to anyone who presents a legitimate need.


TAM’S vision is that previously incarcerated persons returning to Newport County will be offered the guidance, spiritual and emotional support, and other services required to meet the gamut of their reentry needs. TAM strives to increase opportunities for disadvantaged people. The community will benefit socially and financially from this endeavor. Through the implementation of services offered by TAM, the following results are expected:

  • Lower recidivism rate in the state’s correctional system
  • Lower crime rate in our community
  • More people will contribute to rather than financially burden our community
  • Economic growth


The foundation for TAM is built upon the following values:

  1. Honesty: Demonstrating integrity, fairness, and straightforwardness in working for and with our clients.
  2. Respect: Showing high regard for our volunteers and clients.
  3. Service: Providing assistance to our clients so that they will be able to succeed in our community.
  4. Compassion: Being concerned about the problems facing our clients and trying to help them overcome these challenges in a positive and respectful manner.

TAM’s Community Impact

TAM was formed under the leadership of Cheryl Robinson, our current President, and presently receives volunteer support from area churches, as well as individuals in the community. TAM is also part of a collaborative known as the Newport County Reentry Council. Through this effort we have developed working relationships with the Newport Mental Health Center, RI Department of Corrections, CODAC, the RI Department of Labor, the Newport Police Department, and the Housing Hotline. We also work with the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, East Bay Community Action Program, the McKinney Shelter, and the Women’s Resource Center. We receive referrals from many of these agencies. As a result, TAM has had a broad community impact.

  • Since its inception in 2005, TAM has provided services for more than 1000 people.
  • TAM has grown significantly. As word gets out to ex-offenders that safe and effective services are available to help them, more and more people are contacting us for help.
  • TAM has been awarded funding from the Rhode Island Foundation, the Newport County Fund, the John Clarke Trust, the North Family Trust, the Wilcox Family Foundation, Wal-Mart, and BankNewport.
  • TAM has been featured in the Newport Daily News, Newport This Week, and the Providence Journal

Board of Directors

  • Cheryl G. Robinson, Chair
  • Deborah Bailey
  • Mal Davis
  • Jamoya Ridgell

Advisory Board

  • J. Clement Cicilline
  • Jack Grant
  • Dr. Vincent L. Thompson, Jr.

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