Client Testimonials

What our past and present clients are saying about TAM:

"If there is anyone who can say TAM is not a good program, they are only stating they are unaware of the program. TAM in my opinion should stand form goodness and motivation, I first heard of TAM through a homeless friend. TAM gave him a place to stay for a two weeks (the goodness). The luxury of having a warm bed to sleep in allowed him to release his motivation." Within those two weeks he found a job and began his life again. This impressed me so I decided to visit TAM to see if they could help me. At the time my biggest problem seemed to be reinstating my driver's license. TAM kept in touch. I was then enrolled and attended an employment Readiness class. This class was a tremendous help to me. It made me aware of what is available to me in the community. More importantly the class gave me back my confidence and motivation. TAM continues to stay in touch and I will always be grateful."

"I love TAM. The staff is very caring and helps everyone that comes through the door. They helped me with a job, food, shelter. A very good support system."

What do you like about TAM?

"The concern and prompt service."

"I can come and be myself."

"TAM being a community based group! That help the grass roots people of the community. A very friendly staff and volunteers. They are truly a bless[ing] to Newport."

"How they have reliable resources as far as computers to help look for jobs, build your resume, sign up for health care. Also how TAM helps the homeless with shelter, food, medication."